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Joan d’Anguera

The history of the Anguera family dates back to the nineteenth century, but wine has only been bottled under its own name since 1989, by Josep Senior. After Senior’s unexpected death in 2000, his sons Joan and Josep had to do everything by themselves.

Joan d’Anguera studied oenology and Josep decided to go into agriculture at the time. They would have liked to finish their studies first, but they had to put their knowledge and skills into practice. The wines were technically perfect and won award after award. But in 2008, the brothers finished making international crowd pleasers and flipped the switch.

“We make wines that represent our roots, the ‘old school’ wines from the time of our grandfather.”

Josep & Joan Anguera

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Joan d'Anguera
Joan d'Anguera

Wines that represent their roots, the ‘old school’ wines from the time of their grandfather, that is what Joan and Josep really wanted to make. The biggest challenge for them was to make elegant wines with an aromatic balance in this sun-drenched environment. Because of focus, trust and perseverance, the brothers are now at the point where they understand exactly what needs to be done in the vineyard to be able to harvest the best possible grapes. It turns out that patience is the best recipe, letting the grapes hang until they are fully ripe. This often means harvesting only after all the neighbours have already brought in their grapes.

Joan d'Anguera
Joan d'Anguera

“We are now at the point where we understand exactly what needs to be done in the vineyard to be able to harvest the best possible grapes. ”

Brothers Anguera

The fermentation only takes place with whole bunches of unpressed grapes, no press, as was the case in the past. They work completely biodynamic and have had a Demeter certificate for all their vineyards since 2012. The basis of their work is the greatest possible biodiversity that takes good care of the soil, flora and fauna in the vineyards. The extremely low yields, the healthy grapes, the intense ripeness and balance is something you can taste in all their wines.


The brothers Anguera, together, planted 40 ha with garnatxa, carinyena, macabeu, and puntxó fort.

Joan d'Anguera

After years and years of focus, experimentation, plodding and perseverance, the wines of Joan and Josep have reached a level of delicacy that you don’t often come across. Without any added sulphite, their wines make you long for a second glass, and a third…

Natural wine as it should be!