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De Buitenkeuken

A new book by Charlotte Marres & Olle Swets. Stories, wine and recipes around fire!

In De Buitenkeuken, Charlotte Marres and Olle Swets travel through the Netherlands and Flanders with their mobile kitchen in search of independent food producers with a special story. Outside on the land or water where their products come from, they cook on an open fire for and with farmers, fishermen, game pickers, growers and shepherds.

On the dry mud flats, where the cockle fisherman collects his cockles, at the asparagus grower, where they eat freshly cut asparagus right next to the bed or on the road with the shepherds, after which they prepare food on the moor above a tripod.

Fire connects and the best stories come out while cooking. Olle and Charlotte also wrote down all the recipes that they have cooked at the producers on the land, always with a matching wine tip and with photos that immediately make you hungry. And you don’t always have to light a fire, the recipes are also suitable for the kitchen at home.

Hardcover, sewn bound
Nijgh en van Ditmar
Charlotte Marres & Olle Swets
OLLE SWETS from ‘de buitenkeuken’